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Our Mission

Along the Line Collective is an ethical fashion and sustainability blog with a collection of pre-loved clothing. Along the Line was created in an effort to raise awareness about the harsh realities of the fast fashion industry, including the detrimental effects it has on our environment, as well as the severe mistreatment and enslavement of the people who make clothes for fast fashion companies.

We believe that the people who make our clothes deserve a livelihood, to be treated as human beings rather than as machines. In order to make a change, we must hold brands accountable for their actions, and demand for them to do better.

vintage button down wool sweater

About Our Clothing Collection

The overproduction of clothing inevitably leads to massive waste, and creates a major overconsumption problem. 

Our collection of pre-loved clothing seeks to give new life to items that would otherwise get sent to landfills. Each piece of clothing is hand-selected from thrift stores, or is donated to us directly. We ensure that every item we purchase is in good condition with lots of life left in it.

How Can We Be Conscious Consumers?

We can become more conscious consumers by checking brand policies, and learning about where the clothing was made before purchasing. We can choose to boycott brands who do not respect their workers, and opt for ethical brands or thrift stores instead. 

Before purchasing, we should also be aware of what material the clothing is made from, and ask ourselves honestly, "How many times will I wear this?" Try to avoid buying clothing according to trends, since trends are constantly changing, and you won't be interested in the item after the trend has passed.

Along the Line founder

Meet the Founder

Ally Bootsma

Along the Line Collective was founded by Ally Bootsma in 2019 in Vernon, British Columbia. After briefly working for a fast fashion company, Ally started getting curious about where our clothes actually come from. Upon learning about the harsh secrets of the fashion industry, Ally decided to start Along the Line in an attempt to raise awareness about the flaws in the fashion industry, and what we as consumers can do about it.

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