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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's the difference between ethical and sustainable fashion?
    Ethical fashion has to do with the supply chain of the item. Who made the item? Where? Under what working conditions? If an item was made ethically, this means that the people who made it are treated and paid fairly. Sustainable fashion has to do with clothing's impact on our planet. Sustainable clothing is often made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, tencel, linen, recycled polyester, and more. The brand will be actively trying to reduce their carbon footprint in any way they can.
  • Where can I find ethical/sustainable fashion brands?
    We have a whole directory of ethical and sustainable fashion brands, which we are continually adding to. Check it out here.
  • How do I purchase from your store?
    To purchase an item, send us an email or a direct message on Instagram or Facebook. If you are local to Kelowna or Vernon, we can set up a time for pickup/delivery of your item. If you are not local, we will require an etransfer, and we will ship the item to you.
  • Do you ship?
    We ship Canada-wide. The cost of shipping will vary based on where you live. Contact us to determine the cost of shipping for your province.
  • Can I try an item on before purchasing?
    If you live in Kelowna, we can arrange for you to try on the item before you purchase. Otherwise, we can provide exact measurements to help you determine if the item will fit.
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